Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cookies in "Sweet Hands"

Sweet Hands author Ramin Ganeshram has been featured on NPR's Kitchen Window, sharing new recipes for holiday baking! While a variety of other sweets were a part of her family's traditions, cookies were not  put out for Santa or given as gifts.

"Slowly, I began to incorporate cookies into my holiday baking that, until then, mostly involved making up to 40 Trinidad Christmas fruitcakes for family and friends. Once I resolved to make cookies part of the season, it only seemed right to start with the kiffles. It was part of my in-laws' traditions and also seemed like a singularly American thing to do: a cookie native to Hungary, kept going in an Irish family and passed on to me."

Ganeshram has created 7 delicious kinds of cookies: Aunt Fran's Kiffles Redux, Caribbean Sugar Cookies, Tropical Jam Thumbprints, Chocolate Chili Stars/Chocolate Ginger Stars (above), Coconut Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Coconut Thumbprints and Cocoa Tea Cakes. See the article for all the recipes!

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