Monday, June 2, 2014

SPICES & SEASONS Blog Cookoff, Week #3

It's finally here--week #3, giveaway week! We know you've been itching for a chance to get your hands on your very own copy of SPICES & SEASONS. Now you have 7 ways to win!

See each blog for details on how to enter, and don't forget to do the extra entries! Best of luck and happy cooking.

1. Susan,  The Wimpy Vegetarian

2. Helene, La Cuisine d'Helene  

3. Joi,  Get Cooking   

5. Laura,  The Spiced Life

7. Trish,  In Fine Balance

You can find all the recipes in one place if you follow our Pinterest board! You can find more information about Rinku Bhattacharya on her blog, and see our Facebook page for her event schedule in the Hudson Valley area.

If you missed last week (week #2), each blogger picked a recipe to try. Such a great selection!

1. Well-Seasoned Potato and Mint Salad

In week # 1, the bloggers all tried an Indian restaurant staple: Classic Green Mint Chutney. See post...

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