Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SPICES & SEASONS Blog Cook-Off, Week 2

You could win a copy!

We're continuing the SPICES & SEASONS Blog Cook-Off and for week #2, each blogger will be cooking up a recipe of their choice. Next week (week #3), each foodie will share their review of Spices & Seasons. Plus all of the participating bloggers will be doing a giveaway! See individual blogs on how to enter.

Here are the bloggers, and their dishes for this week:
(links will be updated along the way)

1. Well-Seasoned Potato and Mint Salad - Susan,  The Wimpy Vegetarian

2. * - Helene, La Cuisine d'Helene  

You can find all the recipes in one place if you follow our Pinterest board! You can find more information about Rinku Bhattacharya on her blog, and her event schedule for this summer.

If you missed last week (week #1), the bloggers all tried an Indian restaurant staple: Classic Green Mint Chutney. See post...

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