Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Your Way

Thanksgiving draws near, and there are plane and train tickets being purchased, silver being polished, and guest rooms cleared out across the country. As the only holiday that makes no bones about the meal being the main attraction, you might be planning a menu or testing out a new pie recipe. Perhaps you are the lone cook, part of a multi-generational team, or aided by waist-high sous chefs.

As our growing catalog attests, there are myriad ethniticites and food cultures thriving in the U.S. and we're curious about how you celebrate Thanksgiving. Do you incorporate local flavors or specialties? Is your dinner a fusion of traditional Thanksgiving dishes and another cuisine? Have you never had turkey? Tell us about your Thanksgiving dinner in the comments!

Sample Menus from Hippocrene Books

From Healthy South Indian Cooking

  *Roasted Turkey

  *Savory Mushroom Rice, page 115

  *Green Beans Poriyal, page 158 OR Peas Poriyal, page 193 OR Cauiliflower Poriyal, page 179

  *Potatoes Roasted with Garlic and Tomatoes, page 207

                                                     *Acorn Squash Masala Poriyal, page 154

From Argentina Cooks!

  *Creole Roast Turkey, page 42
  *Persimmon and Sausage Stuffing, page 43

  *Pumpkin Humitas, page 243

  *Chard in Cream Sauce, page 54 OR Green Beans with Potatoes, page 281

  *Piquant Sweet Potatoes, page 163

From Farms and Foods of Ohio

  *Turkey Brined in Buttermilk, page 57 OR Roasted Heritage Turkey, page 58
  *Heritage Dressing (Stuffing), page 59

  *Heirloom Tomato Salad, page 90 OR Autumn Salad with Maple Vinaigrette, page 140

  *Lavender Roasted Vegetables, page 134

  *Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, page 205

                                         *Maple Walnut Tart, page 139

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